Beneath the Wedding Dress

After days and weeks of quest, you have finally found the dress. You can already imagine how elegant you would look as you walk down the aisle towards the love of your life. You envisioned yourself gliding along the dance floor as you share the first dance with your husband. But don’t rejoice just yet. There is still something you have forgotten – the one that goes underneath the dress. Yes, we’re talking about your bridal lingerie. Here are some tips in picking the lingerie that will go with your dress:


Comfort Over Fashion


A wedding ceremony can take one or two hours but the whole affair lasts the whole day. A corset may cinch your waist and make your figure shapelier, but it may not be very comfortable when you wear it for long hours. For a lingerie that you will wear beneath your wedding dress, consider whether it’s going to be hot or cold and pick a material that would work best for the weather. You can change into something sexier during the wedding night.

It Doesn’t Have to be Boring


Practicality dictates that you should wear something comfortable under your wedding dress. This will help you move around better throughout the day. But it doesn’t mean that you should stick with the traditional whites or the usual bra and panty ensemble. Choose a style that would work best with the style of wedding dress you picked. For example, a high-waisted shapewear under a mermaid dress would give you a smoother silhouette.


As for the color, you can choose ivory, eggshell, beige, skin tone, or any other hues as long as it wouldn’t clash horribly with your dress. To be on a safe side, match the lingerie to the color of your dress.

Something for the Wedding Night and Beyond


It is common for brides to pick their bridal lingerie in anticipation of the wedding night. But you must remember that you may have sweated during the day. Some freshening up is in order. You can slip into something less practical and instead sexier for the night. Unfortunately, there are instances when the couple are too wiped out by the end of the wedding day. If that’s the case, then save the surprise for your husband during the honeymoon.


The wedding dress may be the one everyone sees but what goes underneath that could make a huge difference. It could make you feel like a goddess and glide down the aisle with confidence when you picked the right one. If you don’t put as much attention to your lingerie, that walk could be uncomfortable and the dress wouldn’t look and feel as perfect as it is. Picking the perfect bridal lingerie is not so different from finding the perfect wedding dress.


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