Fun Facts about Macau

It’s interesting to know some fun facts about a destination you will be visiting soon. This will help you know the attractions, the people and their culture, how you should behave etc. Casinos are the only thing that people see in Macauhowever; they miss out on all the other fun activities. So here are some facts about Macau that will help you get around the city with less trouble.

  1. The name was a result of a misunderstanding

When the Portuguese first landed, they asked a few locals the name of the area. They misunderstood and thought they were asking about the famous local A-Ma temple and replied ‘A-Ma-Gau’.thinking that this was the name of the area, the Portuguese named it Macau. So when you visit, don’t forget to visit the ancient sacred temple. The architecture and artwork will take your breath away.

  1. Second richest territory

With so many casino profits circulating, the excessive number of jobs created through them, the income earned at batman dark flight Macau, dancing water shows and other entertainment activities, the territory has per capita GDP of nearly 115,000 dollars as per International Monetary Fund report in 2017. They also have zero public debt with a foreign reserve of 550 billion dollars.

  1. Most densely populated region

Being such a small area with just 30.5 square kilometers, around 700,000 people live there. In addition to that, 2017 marked a massive tourist flow of 32 million visitors. Its unimaginable how such a lot of people fit into such a small space, people have learnt to manage and compromise. Due to its incredible attraction, the flow of visitors will not reduce and this is beneficial to the region since they are a tourism oriented area, attracting people to its heritage sights, casinos, water shows, golden reel Macau ferris wheel etc.

  1. Europe’s first and last colony

When the Portuguese first started sea voyage, they landed on Macau and it was leased out as a trading post. However, later it was declared an official Portuguese territory that they ruled for nearly 500 years. It was then given back to the Chinese in 1999, making it the final European colony. However, the Portuguese were able to blend into the Chinese culture and hence they liveon in the city. Still, Portuguese is spoken as the second official language of the region. They left beautiful churches and monuments that add so much value to the area.

  1. It is home to a critically endangered language

They speak a very unique language known as Patua which is a mix of Portuguese and Cantonese. However, UNESCO named it as a critically endangered language after finding out that only around 50 people in the entire world are left speaking the language.



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