Graduation party must haves

Finally graduating from the terrible high school years (at least for some…), is like being set free from the Malfoys, and you are the innocent Doby who’s been taking way too many hits (just kidding)! Nonetheless, it is exciting to finally move from that stage of your life and go to college. And so, the best way to celebrate is by throwing the party of year! So here are some details you shouldn’t miss when throwing this party.

A display

Being able to look back at the years you spent from childhood working up to this moment surely creates that sense of accomplishment within your mind and heart. It makes you finally realize the worth of all that hard work and endurance. So set up a display with all the pictures you have taken to show those memorable moments in your life and share this joy with everyone you cherish and value in your life!

Set up a photobooth

Just because you already have a display of your most cherished moments in the side doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be making more memories to add to it. So set up a photo booth singapore in a different area and have little props to be used along with it. You could also have a Polaroid camera and a guest book set up on the side, in case you are unable to get the booth set up. Encourage the guests to pen down their wishes and have them snap their own picture to go along with it and pasted on the book. This makes things much more interesting than the usual writing in a book!

Design a cool backdrop

A cool backdrop is everything to capture the perfect picture worthy enough to go on Instagram. You could get down one from a site like Etsy or design your own one. the usual kinds are shimmery fabric or flowers, but since this is a graduation party make your own unique backdrop with pictures you have captured through out your life or design one with gold glitter and plain white fabric. Think out of the box and have fun with glue gun and glitter bombs!

Set up a treasure box

This isn’t necessarily a treasure box as such but more like an advice box for people to write something inspiring to be added in to it. Design it in a cool way and have it set out at the exit!

Consider the above must haves and do include them in your own party and celebrate one of the most memorable days in your life in style!

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