How to plan an overseas wedding

Planning your wedding overseas will be much harder than planning it in your native country. Since you will have to plan it literally months ahead to make sure nothing goes wrong. Destination weddings are much suitable for couples who are planning on inviting very less guests like friends and family. However there are certain rules and regulations as well if you going to plan a destination wedding. Below are some of the tips on how to plan a perfect destination wedding that you have dreamed of.

List down the things you need to do before the big day

If you list down the things you need before your wedding day, this will be much easier for your actually keep everything in track. From the bridal dress to the invitation card.  Make sure you have written it down so that you will not miss anything on the big day and you know what exactly you need.

Choose a destination Photographer

Planning a overseas wedding photoshoot will be a bit hard, since you will have to either get a photographer from the destination or hire someone from your country and take them to the destination. However certain photographers will be happy to help you with your wedding photoshoots, be it overseas or even in your own country. Once you have choose then wedding photographer, make sure you tell them where the destination wedding will be taking place and what kind of style of photography you are looking for. Talk about the budget as well since it might be expensive since it’s a overseas shoot.

Choose the wedding destination

Choosing a venue outside your country will be quiet stressful. Since you might have to keep in touch with the venue agent constantly and make sure that everything is in order. However you have to at least make a trip to the venue before you confirm It. Since the places might look different than in pictures. Once you visit the venue you will get an idea on how many guests you can invite and how the whole wedding set up should be. If you are planning a wedding under budget, you can mention that to the venue manager so that they will arrange the whole area according to that.

Find a overseas food catering service

Certain venues will offer you in-house catering services while certain venues will not. However once you have visited your destination make sure you check out for catering places around. Which are not far from the venue as well and convenient. Since you don’t want to end up serving cold food for the guests. One of the best ways to find a catering service is through google. Once you have picked the caterer, meet them in person and elaborate on the menu you want. So they will be able to create a perfect menu the way you want it.

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