Important Things To Remember When Selecting A Venue For Your Event

As you organize an event, you will face many challenges. One of which is the proper selection of venue which will impact the facilitation of the event. The catering options, date, and the pleasant experiences of the guest will be affected by the type of venue that you have.

Does this idea seem intimidating to you? You don’t have to get worried about it. Here are some important things that you can consider as you select a venue for your event:

When to Begin Searching for the Right Venue?

Conduct your search early on. As you have the budget, space requirements, and the estimated number of guests, then you can begin looking for the venue. Book the venue 3 to 5 months in advance with the help of the event management singapore. With this, you can have more time to plan other things including the catering and decorations.

Determine the Location

If you are hosting a local event, try to search for a venue which is near the guests’ house or work. Meanwhile, if the majority of the attendees will be coming from out of town, a venue near the airport or port will be recommended. Consider as well booking a venue near the attendees’ hotels. Take note of their transportation methods and the traffic too.

If you wish to reduce the chances of them to be late in the event, provide them with a map or a mobile event app. If you assist them with driving directions, give maps, or any other information, they will feel relieved.

Consider the Parking Space

Does the venue have a wide parking space? Do they offer valet parking? If the venue does not have parking available, you can reserve parking lots nearby. You can include the cost of parking on the event price or let them pay it as they park.

Also, you can ask the attendees if they can share a ride with one another. With this, they can interact better and get to the event on time. Finally, you can offer valet parking even if the venue does not have one. This is essential for galas.

Know the Venue Capacity

You need to know the capacity of the venue. Even if you already know the layout of the place during planning, you still want to have an idea of what type of activities can it cater. As you narrow your selection, you must have a floor plan of the venue. Take note of various things like outlets and where to install the AV equipment. Having a floor plan will let you know of the flow of the traffic plus event activities to consider. Aside from this, ask the minimum for the food and beverages. It is essential that the caterer are willing to adjust of the food and drinks depending on the actual attendees of the event.

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