Initial steps to planning a birthday party

Planning a party whether it is for a baby, your teenager or for an adult requires effort and some good organization skills to make sure everything goes smoothly. The type of party will determine other details such as the décor and the entertainment. Food and drinks will come next in the planning schedule. There is also party-hosting etiquette that you must look into such as sending out invitations on time and handing out “thank you” cards when they leave the party. Read on to find out what steps you must consider when planning a birthday party.



The first step that you have to look in to is the budget. In order to plan a successful party you need to know how much money you have to spend and work with. This will be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the venue, food, entertainment and even the number of guests that can attend. Without knowing how much you have to spend, there is a high chance that you might overspend on unnecessary details and run low on the necessary items. This is something you want to avoid. It will help you to prioritize on the highlights such as the birthday cake for example; which you can preorder on chocolate mousse cake Singapore.


Venue and setting dates

Choosing the right location is everything as it has to be comfortable and enjoyable to both the host and the guests who come for the party. It can be anywhere from your home to a restaurant. The date and time is the next step after confirming the venue. This depends on the type of the party; a kid’s party can be a short one of two or three hours.

Picking a theme

Most parties nowadays regardless of whether it is a child’s or an adult’s party is themed. When picking themes for a child’s party, get them involved and have them pick out what they like such as a Disney character or their favourite movie. When it comes to an adult’s birthday party, themes don’t have to be so drastic but a simple colour combination and themes like floral or geometry can be incorporated. This theme can be included in the design of the invitation cards.


Creating the guest list

The guest list is an important factor as this will determine how big your party is. After confirming that your budget and venues are in order, you can start writing down the names for the guest list. Always double check with the guest of honour or host to make sure you have everyone and have not missed out any.

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