Landing that Big Job after Getting Qualified in Care giving

After doing all the hard work studying and sitting for exams the next biggest thing would be to find a suitable position in care giving or attending. This might not be as straight forward as it seems, because the profession itself has many avenues and you have a lot of career options to consider. But most of them would require that you have some experience under your belt. So let’s look at some ways in which you can get your first break.

Research areas you like to work in

As you may be aware by now, you like care giving as a profession but there are many streams to this. Therefore read and research about most of them that appeal to you. Do you like to find nursing jobs in singapore in a hospital? Or would you prefer working with the elderly in a care home? Or you may like working specifically with children. So the options are wide open and it is a good idea to volunteer in a few areas if possible to see if you would like it.

Places to look

You can always start searching online or referring the newspaper for openings. But it is also a good idea to visit local hospitals, care homes, government offices and even rehab centres to understand if they have any openings coming up.

Getting the experience

In your job search, you may come across positions that you like to apply to but they will require some experience. So like any other fresh graduate, you might start wondering where you can get that experience from. A good place to start is by looking at your nursing school or college, because often times they will have partnership programs offering internships or other related programs giving graduates the opportunity to get some firsthand experience. Though they may not pay, these opportunities are great ways to build contacts and gain as much experience as possible.

Finding the right work

Once you have some experience and made up your mind about the area you want to work in, it is important to do job searches using the correct terms. You have to really know the search criteria in order to find the right openings. You should also carefully read through to identify the specifics they are looking for in order to determine if it is the right fit for you.

Once you find some suitable opportunities it is important to read a bit about the places the jobs are advertised in and the career progression you can expect. Any other reviews about the employer will also help you get ready for interviews and ask relevant questions.

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