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Modern wedding ideas for a modern couple

There’s nothing more special than tying the knot with the person you love so dearly. Making the day more significant is every bride and groom’s dream. Seeing the it is the 21st century where the technology has developed, many devices and items has been introduced and where design has taken a whole new level, why not go for something twenty-first-century. There are plenty of things that you can add to your special day to make it exciting and fun to your guests.

Unconventional venue


Went through catalogues and pages of wedding locations but still couldn’t find something unique? Well, go a step beyond or maybe even far beyond that your guests will find it to be “Wow!” Get married in a location where no one would ever think of. Perhaps a museum or a planetarium? We are not talking only about the ones filled with fossils. We are talking about places like Hogwarts’ Great Hall or something dedicated as such. What about a park? It’ll be such a beautiful scenery. And the best part is, it will save your budget like no other. Either way, look into something that you both love and enjoy and make it the backdrop for your special day.


New Technology


It won’t be modern if you don’t include the new technology. We are talking about photo booths or wait, don’t limit to just photo booths go for  wedding photo booth animated gifs Singapore or in your area. Have some amazing photographers to print instant photos, make instant videos and have a small movie at the end. Make sure your videographer capture those hilarious moments. It would be an epic finish to the wonderful day. Apart from this, create a good setting using devices like a fog machine.




Old or new, no one cannot get over lights at weddings. Dim the huge bulbs and add a little magic through fairy lights. They are definitely the new romantic booster. You can even add some floating candles, lanterns. This would definitely set the much needed magical touch. You can even use tiny LED bulbs to enhance the beauty in the curtains in the venue. Light up some floating lights to fire up the sky. It would definitely be a great way to bring that angelic feeling.

These are some great modern ideas for the 21st Century couple. Step aside from the contemporary wedding and add some good vibes to your special day by making it a magical event mixed with modernism.

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