Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Designing a Calling Card

A calling card should be ideally designed in a way that helps people remember and recall who you are and what you stand for. It is one of the most cost effective self promotional items one can carry around with then therefore should be carefully made. If your card has misspelled details and illegible content you will make a really bad first impression. Therefore let’s look at how you can make calling cards work effectively for you by avoiding the following mistakes.

  • Quality matters: if you have some creative sense and an inkjet printer at home, you can print your own cards. However the quality of the material will soon be showing. If you use cheap paper and a home printer, chances are your final product will clearly show the results. With the wide array of calling cards used today, handing over a card of poor quality will not create a good impression on you. Therefore do not try to be too cheap in creating them.

  • Business cards australia should be differentiated: if you too carry a card that is similar to what is out there, chances are you will soon be forgotten. Therefore it is important to give someone a calling card that creates an impression. It needs to stand out and make the receiver remember you. Therefore what you create need to clearly define the business that you are in and help the person recall you when needed.


  • Too much mystery: when you hand over a business card, the receiver should be able to identify what business you are in with a glance. Ideally the logo or the tag line of your business should indicate this clearly. If the person who receives it cannot identify what you stand for, then you will obviously end up in the forget lot.


  • Freebies: there is no real excuse in the market today for poor unprofessional looking cards. There are many sites that offer free business card templates that you can look up to create your own with some quality. Therefore do your research on some of the online printing sites so that you too can come up with a great solution.

  • Small print: some would try to include a lot of details on the small space available on the card by using a smaller font. However if this makes it hard to read, it is a failed attempt. People should be able to read the details on your card without much fuss. Therefore refrain from cramming information, and instead include only what is most essential.

Once you take these in to consideration, you will no doubt have a business card that you will be proud to hand out. Always make sure you give several so that the receiver can in turn pass it on as referrals.

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