Planning your very first wedding as a wedding planner

Starting work as a wedding planner is not easy. It requires a lot of thinking and planning as well as coordination between various parties. However if you are good at communication and negotiation this could be a good business for you to have. You may have done several events prior which proved to yourself that you are good at event planning. However, if you are starting your life as a wedding planner make sure you have the right contacts, suppliers and a lot of people who can help you in the process of planning a wedding, because you are going to need all of them.

Communication, communication, and communication

It may sound crazy but sometimes people don’t know what they want exactly, and even worse, in communicating it to the party who is undertaking it for them. For example, when you are getting the event brief from them, they will say they prefer white flowers. However, they might forget to mention that lilies are not a choice. Likewise, there are a lot of very fine tuned points which you have to clarify when you are planning a wedding. That is why communication is important. It’s not enough that you meet with the couple, you will have to talk to parents and friends of both sides to get an idea. However remember it is the special day of the two people who are involved in it therefore always call them back when you have a doubt and clear everything up before the big day.

Choosing a venue 

Some couples do have a venue in their mind. Therefore you don’t have to worry about choosing one but just about reserving the exact one they want. It might be the other way around for some other clients; they may not have any idea on what sort of a venue they prefer. This may apply to the venue which are having the event at, or the place where you are planning to have photographs taken. For example if your clients say that they want a difference, a unique wedding or photographs, you can consider hiring a kombi. The couple can then arrive like NFG and impact a true change in their wedding ceremony.

Food, seating and other arrangements at the venue 

When you are going ahead with choosing a menu remember you have to do it with the couples full agreement. Deciding on which baker to go with, for the cake, seating arrangements, transportation requirements and other general wedding needs must all be seen and approved by the couple. When you are pressed for time the client might ask you to go ahead with your own choice; however remember that at the end of the day if something goes wrong it is your total responsibility. Therefore making them aware of all the options available and picking one by themselves is important.

A business grows easily by positive word of mouth rather than advertising or promotions. Therefore, remember if you conduct a successful business it is a sure way to improve your wedding planning business.

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