Steps to Plan a Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and hence you want everything to be perfect, just the way you dreamt it to be. If you start planning and preparing in advance, you will not have to rush any of the arrangements and then you could pay attention to every little element. Most brides take the organizing process to be very stressful, however if you follow these easy steps, it won’t be a hassle.

  1. Make the budget

You might want to have the most lavish wedding however, funds is the biggest constraint. You need to plan your wedding as per what you can afford since starting your marriage deep in debt is not the best idea. One of the most common reasons why young marriages fall apart is because of financial stress and hence managing your wedding expenses together with your fiancé will be a great start to a financially balanced wedded life. Set up a maximum amount and plan for slightly lower so that you can use the spare cash for any emergency.

  1. Decide your guest list

The biggest expense; which is the venue charge depends on your guest list. If it is a larger crowd, you will have to bear some extra expenses. A smaller crowd can be easily entertained at a private barn, a big backyard or a restaurant.

  1. Pick a date and venue

You need to first pick a date or by far a month you’ll be getting married in. As per your guest list, you can visit venues and finalize. Sometimes the venues may not be available as per your wedding date so you’ll have to search around. If the venue is important to you, be flexible on the date. Consider winter weddings since they are cheaper.

  1. Pick a theme and décor

Themed weddings are always fun. You can base all the décor, food and even venue based on it. Pick something that means a lot to you. For example, if you love sports, you can choose a baseball theme. If you both met on the beach, go for a beach theme, picking out a colour palette of shades of blue and green. Inform your florist Johor Bahru about the theme so that they can come up with great décor ideas for you.

  1. Pick the clothes

Your wedding dress is the most attention-grabbing outfit for the day. So, pick out something you love and feel free to go a little over budget for it since it’s the most important part. Arrange for the bridesmaids’ dresses as per the theme.

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