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Things To Do On Your Big Day

If your wedding is around the corner then here are few things you will need to do:

Take Care Of Your Body

You have to take care of your body at all times and not just on special occasions. However, when your big day is around the corner you will need to be extra careful with what you feed your body. Start your day by drinking a lot of water this will help to flush out all the toxins from the body which will promote healthy looking skin. According to experts drinking cold water as soon as you wake up helps to speed up the metabolism rate which will help you to lose weight. You will also need to have a balanced diet, try to avoid oily food as this will not only make you gain weight but will also affect your skin. If you want to lose weight for the wedding then start your preparations at least a year back as it will take time. You will have to avoid any forms of crash dieting as it is extremely unhealthy and doesn’t last long term.

Get Your House Ready

Apart from prepping your body, you will also need to give a helping hand in order to arrange the house. Usually, wedding party supplies are expensive so try to get them down from abroad as this could save a lot of cash. If you plan on having any parties at your house then you will have to paint the house, you should do this three to four months before the wedding to avoid last minute rush. If your budget is low then you don’t have to paint the whole house, just repaint the area where you will be hosting the function. You also need to make bookings with the DJ, caterers and the photographers in advance to avoid any last moment disappointment.

Look After Yourself

A wedding is an important event in one’s life and both the bride and the groom will have to look their best on this day. Looking good doesn’t come easy, in fact, you have to do a lot of prepping to truly glow on your big day. Start with your skin, if you start eating healthy and consume a lot of water your skin will automatically start to change for good. However, apart from this, you could follow a strict skincare routine which would include things like weekly facemasks and face scrubs to get rid of all the dead skin cells. To clean your skin deeply you could go for salon cleanups, start doing this at least three months before your big day.  If you don’t know what really works for your skin, then you could consult a dermatologist who will prescribe you creams based on your skin type. Planning a wedding could be really hectic so you will need to occasionally de-stress yourself. This could be done by going for regular spa massages.

Lastly, spend extra and go for a waterproof makeup this is because most of the brides get emotional on their big day and the waterproof makeup will ensure you don’t end up looking like a zombie.

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