Top best pizza places in the world

Pizza is an Italian dish loved by people all over the world. It seems like pizza is the answer to all your problems. Having a bad day? Eat pizza. Dealing with a breakup? Eat pizza. If you are someone who loves this dish then here is the list of best pizza places in the world.

The top few places

Every restaurant who serves pizza does have their own twist. For example famous franchises such as Pizza hut and Dominos are loved by people all over the world. Yet two of them are quite different in terms of pizza taste, also the toppings change based on different countries. For example In India they do not have beef in the menu, and to substitute that they offer things like paneer pizza. According to research Neapolitan pizza is one of the best as the city of Naples takes their pizza recipe quite seriously. Here you will find authentic pizza made out of Buffalo mozzarella. Pizza in Brazilian city is a little different; it has very little sauce followed by a lot of cheese and meat. The birth place of Pizza was in Italy so we cannot miss the one they make at Rome. Almost all the restaurants would have this dish along with other Italian dishes such as pasta. To most of the people pizza is their comfort food and they would choose it over any other cuisine.

The ones that offer with a twist

As mentioned above not all places offer the same kind of pizza. Different places have their own recipe which comes with a special ingredient. In Malaysia, Pizza size are relatively larger compared to the one offered in Sri Lanka and it is less spicy. Italian food Singapore is also pretty famous as they offer variety of dishes. They also take into account customer specifications so if you want more meat or less cheese, you could tell them! Sometimes certain restaurants serve better pizza than the famous chains. For example In India many places do offer pizza and they do give their own touch, the toppings would be something like chicken tikka, or paneer butter masala. Although this isn’t for everybody, it is loved by the locals in that country.

However, one doesn’t have to spend a lot of money if they are craving for pizza. It is pretty simple to make this at home and is also much cheaper. Making pizza doesn’t require much skill and you could do it even if you not very good with cooking. If you don’t have time to make a proper one, then you could always make something like bread pizza which takes under ten minutes to prepare.



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