Ultimate summer pool party

Summer vacation is the best of all vacations. Nothing is more fun than a great splash in the water with your friends. The hot weather is the best time to enjoy all those summer activities. The most popular activity and the one with the highest demand is pool parties. If you are thinking of hosting a pool party indoor backyard, then this article is for you. These great tips will help you become the best hostess ever.




One thing that will definitely make your pool party look quite exciting and fun is the decoration. You can either win or loose with this. Don’t worry, we got you covered. To win over with your decoration you just have to pop out the element and add summer vibes to the background. Our backyard is simple and home looking. Adding decors to bring out the party vibe is what you need to focus on. Get some colorful beachballs, balloons, paper lanterns, fishnets, fairy lights (if its in the evening or at night) and other bright colored items. You can even go for DIY decors like pom-poms, tassels and all.



Music is a must for any kind of party. When it comes to pool parties the music genre needs to be  bit different. You should avoid adding slow songs to the playlist and always opt for up-beat songs. Add some great classics too. Creating a playlist which includes up-beat songs of different years will definitely bring everyone to their feet. The splash will be all over and everyone will have a great time.




Summer time suggests extremely hot weather. That is why you need to have supplies at hand to make your guests comfortable throughout the whole party. This includes sunscreen, lotion, bug sprays, sanitizers, towels and more. Also, make sure you have a first-aid kit at hand in case of emergencies. It is always better to take precautions.




What is a pool party without the summer accessories? Include some great floats. You can get a flamingo float singapore, a rainbow one, the typical circular ones and more. Include some beach balls, inflates loungers, water guns and more. Everyone would have such a great time. This will definitely heighten the fun factor of your party.

Food and beverages


This is a very important sector that you need to focus on. Food and drinks are a must but this should include a different kind. Have different food and beverage stations to please everyones taste buds. Makes sure you include ice cream, fruits, juices and alcoholic beverages, chips and dips, fries and others.


With these tips your summer pool party will be definite goals.

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