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Wedding Preparation 101: What Takes Place on your Most-Awaited Day

Now that all your preparations have been made, all you have to do is wait for the actual day to proclaim your vows and love for each other for eternity. But, the reality is, even though you think you have it all covered, there is still this nagging feeling inside of you telling you that there might still be a possibility of something going wrong or something you have not anticipated. To ease your mind on the possible unfortunate events that eat you up from inside, why not take a look at what is really going on during the wedding day?

Hair and Make-Up Sessions Being Documented

Nowadays, soon to be married couples usually get a prenuptial photo shoot where they dress up, get hair and make-up done and pose together for photos to be displayed at their wedding reception. Well, on the actual wedding day, it is pretty much the same case, except for the fact that it really is the actual wedding day and not just a pre-wedding day shoot. Before going to the altar, the couple along with the bridesmaids gets their hair and make-up done and a photo shoot then ensues. Most of the photograph will show the couple and the entourage as they prepare for the ceremony. One tiny detail for this part that is important for the photo shoot is the robe usually worn by the bride as she prepares. There are a lot of trending wedding robes that can be selected when choosing the perfect one to go with the overall theme of the wedding.

The Ceremony

Following the photo shoot for the preparations would be the actual ceremony itself. This is the main event of the day, the most awaited part where the couple exchange marriage vows and proclaim their love for each other. Surrounded by family and friends, the couple stands facing each other while they voice out their promises of love and faithfulness. This part normally takes an hour and a half and is the most emotional part of the day.

Post-Ceremonial Photo Shoot

After the ceremony, the couple, as well as the entourage, take their places in the post-wedding photo-shoot. Friends and family take turns in having their pictures taken with the newly married couple to show their support and presence on the special day.

The Reception

The wedding reception ensues after the photo shoot. In here, the couple previously identified as bride and groom are welcomed as a newly married couple. The celebration is guided by a programme where the guests and entourage as asked to give their messages and best wishes to the couple. Everyone enjoys the sumptuous food and the opportunity to spend quality time with friends, catch up and be updated with each other’s lives. It is the final part of the wedding day which usually ends with lots of partying and celebration of the married couple’s union.

Weddings are considered new beginnings. It marks the moment that you finally find the one you love and the moment that you share your union with everyone who loves you. As you wait for this day, make sure that you clear your mind of all worries and believe in the most important part: the promise of eternal love.

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