4 signs that your crush is crushing back on you harder

Having crushes is such a wonderful feeling. You look at them from a distance, and you fantasize about all the nice things that you’d do together. Usually, we all feel like our crushes are like the last things on this world that we can have. But is it really? If you’re a pretty, kind and outgoing female… chance is high that you’re quite an attraction. But how can you know, out of all the DMs flooding your inbox, whether your crush is liking you back?

  • The relative length or the proportional number of messages are rising

Although playing hard to get is the standard female procedure when it comes to the whole dating picture, it is quite the reverse in the psychology of men falling in love. If your guy of interest is sending multiple texts, every single time, then it’s an early sign of being attracted. Because men hardly reply your individual messages. In such a background, if your crush is decoding the message and reply to the included questions, it definitely means they’re more into you. It’s your responsibility to keep the ball in their court.

  • They’re considered about your health more than ever

There is a common trait with women who like men. Instead of actually being open up about liking the guy, they would just ask if they had their breakfast, lunch and dinner, on daily basis. The same theory applies from the male perspective, but a little bit more intensively. Because not even a doctor could care like a guy who is crushing on a girl. If he’s crushing on you, he will at least try to fake it, because all he wants is to be seen as a good guy, the deviation from everyday crowd.

  • They try to share sentimentality with you

This is probably the best and most obvious sign that the guy you’re with is comfortable with you and crushing on you. Because let’s face it, if a dude doesn’t like you, they won’t go on an on about how their childhood was. The situation can differ at certain other situations but usually, that’s how it goes.

  • They don’t take too long to reply

As a woman, replying quickly to any man, especially your crush right back is something that you shouldn’t so. Because in that way, you start losing the power of having the upper hand. It’s not something that is easy to gain back. But if a guy is really crushing you back, they will reply you faster. You should obviously distinguish his intentions first, no argument there. But if you’re positive that the person is leaning towards to the whole dating picture, this is such a good sign.

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