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5 Things to Consider a Year before the Wedding

Planning a wedding is a gargantuan task. This isn’t something you want to leave for those last few months if you want to come out of your wedding with a sane head on your shoulders. Starting a whole year in advance allows you to take some time to actually enjoy your wedding. So, here’s the rundown of essentials you need to get yourself started on!


The budget will dictate your venue, your decor, how many people you can invite and so much more so it’s best that you sit down with your partner and allocate just how much you can spend. Remember, taking out a loan to be able to have a big, fancy wedding will just start off your wedded life in debt and put unnecessary stress on the breadwinner(s) of the family- not worth it one bit. 


Next comes to the venue. You need to think ahead of what time of the year you’ll need to book it, whether it will suit the particular theme and mood you’ll be going for etc. There are some wedding reception venues Melbourne as well that give you great deals, inclusive of drinks, food and entertainment. So make sure you do your research in the coming months and settle for whichever gives you your money’s worth. Don’t wait too long to book, however, because all the best spots tend to be taken up fast in wedding season. Once you provisionally book the date, you can confirm the availability of your minister on that day and then confirm your booking of the venue.

The Dress

It’s always best to wait on deciding on your dress until after a venue is fixed because you never know how your surroundings might affect the style you pick out. Also remember to keep an open mind when you hit the bridal boutiques because these owners would have breezed through quite a few brides in their time and thus, would have a pretty good idea of what looks good on whom. To get through the entire process or ordering and fitting, you’ll want to keep aside at least 8 to 10 months.

The Photographer

This one area is something you absolutely don’t want to risk skimping on. The big day is something that is unique and filled with memories. Imagine going home at the end of the day and finding out that most of the photos was blurred because you entrusted the duty to a friend and not a professional? No, this needs to be captured with a skilled photographer and it’s worth keeping in mind that the good ones are booked a whole year in advance sometimes!

The Guests

If you have a rough headcount, it’s also possible that you can land yourself some inclusive day packages as well! But don’t forget to send out your save the dates- especially if the wedding will be during holiday seasons- because your guests might be making bookings for other vacations.

These are the 5 most important things you need to consider when planning your special day. Stay on top of things and make the load far easier for yourself!

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