A Vintage Wedding that won’t break your bank

Tying the knot is definitely something memorable. Getting to celebrate it with the people you love and who are very close to you is even more amazing. We all have our dream wedding. While some of us tend to keep up with the trends and go for a modern style wedding there are many who love a rustic, vintage wedding. It is elegant, charming, simple and there’s the comfort of getting to add a bit of nature to it. But, we are also afraid of the number in our bank. Not to worry, we have some great tips on how you can get the vintage wedding without getting into a huge debt.

Natural Wedding decor

Want to be a part of the change? It’s not just a change, its the change to save the planet earth. Well, you can do that and save a huge amount of money by using natural decor. Vintage doesn’t necessarily mean antiques or expensive decor. Use simple items that you can find in the surrounding like since cones, leaves, feathers and so. They are not just cheap but free of charge. These natural items would absolutely gorgeous. Not only that, you don’t have to worry about throwing them away, because you will be returning what you’ve borrowed to the nature itself.


 Now, this is very expensive. But there is one way you can save money in this section. Simply buy vintage liquor Singapore or in your country. There are plenty of places who sell them for a smaller price. Also, when it comes to setting up the bar, you can use old barrels to store the wine or so. It would be a wonderful sort of decor as well.

DIY decor

 There are plenty of things that you can find in your home to use as decor for your wedding. Use old from both sides to decor the place. Make them black and white or go for a vintage filter. Not only will it be a great sort of decor, but it will also be a blast from the past. If you have candle stands, lanterns, candles, fairy lights in your place, use them. You don’t have to hire them or buy them.

Cheap centerpieces

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean ugly or bad quality. In fact, you can get your cheap centerpieces to look far better and luxurious than any other. Use cans as flower holders. You get to decorate them as you want. And you can use fresh flowers from your garden to complete the look.These ideas will definitely save a ton of money from your budget that it will make you feel richer after your big day.

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