Everything you need to know about the Italian dinning culture

When it comes to Italian dining, it indeed is very famous worldwide. There is are things like wine bottles covered with candle wax and checkered table cloths that always come to our mind when we think about it. When we look into the Italian culture, the Italian ae known to be very passionate and lively. When it comes to food they are absolutely happy when it is done right. Here are some things that you need to know about the Italian dinning culture.

When you know these information you will be ready the next time you get your hands on fine Italian food Singapore. One thing you need to know is that Italians eat late. But if you are fan of fast service then this type of cuisine is perfect for you. So when we look into a typical Italian menu it is divided into some kind of order that includes appetizers that goes as antipasti, pasta first course which is primi and the second course know as secondi, then the sides known as contorniand then finally the desserts known as dolci.

You do not necessarily take all the courses, you can definitely pick out the food that interests you the most. If you want to eat two additional meals then you can go ahead or you can have everything from antipasti to dolci. You can eat whatever you want and order whatever you want. If you are with a group of people then you can always choose to share your appetizer and the other dishes. When it comes to kids, you don’t have to worry because kids of all age can enjoy Italian food. The Italians love kids of all ages so most of the restaurants are kids friendly. It is very normal to find kids and families at Italian restaurants lingering and enjoying great food.

There is variety of food that is suitable from everyone. There is pasta and then there is pizza. You can ask the waiter to up or down the spiciness. You can go for full portions and half portions. The best thing is that you don’t have to stay in hunger for a very long time. Because the service is fast. Along with that you are sure to receive really good hospitality. It is all a part of the dining experience. You do not receive the check unless you ask for it. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy your meal with your loved ones.

The Italian dining experience is literally for anyone who enjoys good food. The food is delicious and you are always looking forward to coming back again to have a great time and enjoy delicious food.



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