Five Tips for a Successful Team Building Event

Employees. As you might already know, they’re the heart of a company, the reason behind the masterpiece, and undeniably the reason for any entity’s success. Sure your product can have all its reasons for your company’s growth, but without the employees they’re nothing. Although we’re seeing an increasing popularity in owners introducing training and education programmes for their workers,, we’re still seeing the senior management of a number of entities hesitating to spend in that area simply taking it as an expense rather than an investment that could nurture true growth. Like the saying goes teamwork makes the dream work, only if everyone work together, success will take care of itself. Read below for a few tips on how you can throw a successful team building event.

Keep Goals and Budgets.

You might want to set some spending limits before you start up a team building event. I might sound like your senior finance manager who’s strict on the numbers and stingy with the money and even seem like contradicting what I wrote above, but without budgeting you’re going nowhere. So start off with the goals, what you want your employees to achieve, be it you want to create unity, or simply celebrate their success as a team, then pick an activity that fits your bill.

Ask Them For Ideas.

If it’s a huge team, this could be time consuming and expensive but since it’s a one off even you still might want to consider their opinions. In addition to that, there’s going to be no point of organising an event which they wouldn’t appreciate or like resulting in destructing the core goal. So take their opinions instead of coming up with your own.

Schedule a Convenient Time and Location.

As a senior official it might seem rational to schedule the activity after the 9 to 5 drill, but think about it, they would rather stay at home than stare at the faces of the same people for extra hours chatting over cocktail rather than usual coffee. Pick a convenient time outside the personal hours and make sure all of them could turn up to the location.

Talk to a Pro.

If you’ve got a company and a family to run, I understand things can get a bit hectic, and when you’ve got barely any time to turn up to meetings the last thing you can do is sit pondering on how you can schedule for such an event. Well, after browsing for a few affordable event companies in Singapore, you can’t still hire a professional to carry out the work.

Make it Interesting.                                                                                                                                                               

Employees would rather prefer outdoors rather than staying in so keep the event outdoors although it might tempting to keep them in, in order to cut costs. This would again deter the main point of the event. Also it’s not just about how exciting it would be but you’d also be able to assess the team dynamic outside of their daily context and actually see how challenging they could be when they’re exploring their talents.

Get Feedback.

Finally make sure to conduct a survey after the even and get some feedback on what they liked about the event and what think wasn’t exactly great or what they think should be improved. You could be sometimes get interesting responses and sometimes irrational responses but that’s inevitable and you’ve still got to do what you’ve got to do.

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