How Can You Plan a Gender Reveal Party

Some parents wait until their child is born to learn their sex. But there are those that want to know this ahead of time. That is because this would then give them time to better prepare. Now people want to find this information along with their friends and family. Therefore that is why they go on to have a gender reveal parties. We may have all seen images of such parties online. But planning such an event is something new altogether. Many individuals think that the planning process would be long and complicated. However, that is not true. If you do your research it would be a piece of cake.

Create a Theme

Before looking at  cheap party supplies Singapore  you need to settle on a theme. As this is a gender reveal party the predominant colours would have to be pink and blue. This means that everything should be made available in this colour. This includes everything from napkins to balloons.

Set The Date

Ideally, you need to begin to plan this party after your doctor’s appointment. That is because the baby has to be big enough before you can plan the event. Furthermore, you also need to give the guests notice. That is because some would not even have known that you are pregnant. Therefore make sure to give the guests at least 2 weeks’ notice. Furthermore, you also need to understand that some guests may not be familiar with this concept. Therefore, in that case, you can also send out a note briefly explaining it.

Plan The Reveal

Many couples tend to reveal the gender through a cake. If you wish to do the same then you need to take the envelope with the gender to a bakery. Then only the baker would know the gender and they would make the inside of the cake the appropriate colour. Therefore, while the outside of the cake would be neutral you will have to cut it to find the gender.

Document The Event

This would be a milestone event for you. But we understand that you won’t have time to document it. That is because you would be too busy mingling with the guests. Therefore, in that case, you can hire a professional to assist you. This can either be a photographer or a videographer. However, we also understand that not everyone has the budget for this. Therefore, in that case, you can opt to have a family member record this special day.

Thus, if you follow these tips you can easily plan this grand event.



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