How to be an organizer of Matrimonial Ceremonies

Helping people tie the knot is not an easy task. It is a demanding industry with the involvement of many different types of individuals. It takes a certain kind of individual with related skills to pull it off altogether. Therefore it is not a role for anybody. Planning everything on that big day might not save lives or protect the environment but they play an important role in the lives of the couple especially for the big day.

Have what it takes

Taking over the responsibility from the couple on that day means that as the organiser you are tasked with making it a beautiful and memorable event. It should also be stress free for the couple, which means you should be able to absorb most of the stresses yourself. As the couple is entering a new phase in their lives you must be aware that they are kind of scared and intimidated themselves. Therefore you must be empathetic and sensitive to their needs. You should be able to handle difficult situations and stay calm even if some things do not go according to plan. Therefore interpersonal skills are of utmost importance.


This industry or the job itself requires a specific set of skills. Couples usually hire a professional so that they do not need to handle cumbersome activities such as vendor negotiations & coordination with suppliers to name a few. Some individuals will have organising and negotiating skills that they are born with. For those that do not have them it is good to attend a wedding planner online training course to boost their skill levels. These courses will help you understand important skills such as budgeting, time management, and problem solving and planning to name a few.

Taste and style

Unlike any other event, a wedding requires that you be knowledgeable about colours and have a good sense of style and taste as well. This will help you coordinate decorations and flowers and even advice the couple. Having an in-depth knowledge about different cultures and religions will also be an advantage. This will help you to be more sensitive to their needs and be able to cater to a wider market as well.


This job does not require college level qualifications or postgraduate studies; however some basic level training either in event management or planning can be of great use. Most people start off by planning their own weddings or helping out with a friends’. However getting yourself qualified under a professional qualification will give you the confidence not only to handle weddings but take on many other challenging events as well.

If you are new to the industry or thinking of trying it out for a few years, then it is best to work for an already established player so you can get some experience.

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