Intriguing wedding traditions across the world

Weddings are always joyful ceremonies with a lot happening at every corner. And across the world this day, is celebrated with a lot of traditions and decorations. Here are some such traditions from weddings across the world.

 Armenia and its break tradition

Have you ever wondered what your future husband or wife might look at? Well according to the Armenian traditions, they believe that by breaking and eating a bread made by a happy married middle age lady, you would be able to see what he or she would look like. But do bear in mind that this isn’t just any ordinary bread, it a salty bread and just one slice would do.

The Chinese cupid

Unlike the usual cupid stories you would hear, in China cupid is more human and grown up and a potential husband. And so, according to this tradition in China, the potential husband ought to shoot his wife with a bow and arrows several times and collect them to be broken during the ceremony decorated with chinese wedding stage decoration. This is to ensure that their love lasts forever.

Chubby is healthy in Mauritius

While most brides would be on strict diets days close to the wedding, in Mauritius this is more of the opposite. The bride is fed a lot, to make sure she looks chubby and healthy for her husband. The chubbier she looks the better it is considered for her husband as it deemed to be a wealth for him to have such a well fed wife!

Couples that clean together, stay together

In Germany it is a tradition that the guests break porcelain dishes to ward off evil spirits and the newly wedded couple work together to clean them all up. The point that is highlighted here is that, by working together, the couple would be able to overcome any challenge that is thrown their way!

Groom the groom

In Greece the term groomsmen is taken more literally and an actual grooming is done by one of the groomsmen by shaving the groom’s face and making sure he is clean shaven for his wedding. His new mother in law also feeds him honey and almonds on this day.

Have you ever been apart of any of these traditions? If you have then you would know as weird as it may seem to others, it also has a sweet side to itself!

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