Looking for the Perfect Footwear for your Big day?

When you are tying the knot and planning for your big day, looking your best and feeling your best is of utmost importance. A stunning bride is what some little girls want to grow up to be, and some even plan for this day from their teenage years. Whatever story you may have there are some real planning and thought that needs to be put in to your attire for that day, namely the dress, the flowers , jewellery and last but not least your footwear.

On this all important day, you are likely to be on your feet for a long time. And looking at all those images of women in high heels on the web might tempt you to go for those glamorous pair on the shop window right now, do not rush in as there are several things you need to consider before you settle for that perfect pair. Let’s look at some of these.

  • Cost: planning your bid days is not easy and the costs can sometimes be too much. So you need to have a budget in mind for every aspect of your event and your attire too. There are really trendy and stunning wedding shoes on regular shops as well so you need not always go for the high end super branded ranges which are very expensive. This is especially true if you are only going to use the pair only once or twice.
  • Use your attire: the footwear you use, must match your dress or the sari that you wear. If it is a gown, you need to really be watchful of the length of the dress and buy a pair that will match or make the dress according to the length of the dress. If you do not do this proper you might be carrying around a heavy dress throughout the whole event because the heels are not high enough. You might want to try out several and also ask for options of exchanging or returning the shoes if they are not working out.
  • Your better half: this is all-important, and sometimes gets overlooked. Now you do not want to buy a pair of heels that will make you look like a giraffe and tower over your husband on this big day. So make sure to take him along when trying out footwear or get a good understanding of height and how you will look next to him.
  • The party place: the venue should be considered as well, especially if you are planning for an outdoor function, then going with stilettos or very high heels will not be too practical. Imaging waling on grass win those. But if it is an indoor function you have a lot of choices to select from. An outdoor function would require that you either go for a wedge type heel or flats. Some even opt for decorated flip flops for beach wedding now.

Apart from these, you might also want to consider the theme of the event and find shoes that you can wear on a regular basis as well. But if you want to make a statement, you can always go a little overboard and do something different like wear sneakers or even leather boots.

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