Reception ideas for your wedding

A wedding remarkable, beautiful, and memorable in every way, but the process of making it happen is stressful, daunting, and tiring in both aspects of physical and emotional. It is a roller coaster ride from start to finish, and once the wedding is done, you are up for another ride that is much bigger than the last one. Now, when it comes to wedding receptions, all things must be considered, especially the budget. You can find inspiration from some of these wedding reception ideas that won’t break the bank, but at the same time, give you and everyone else an amazing experience.


When it comes to cruise ships, people may misinterpret it to be large ships with thousands of passengers, but there are small yachts that caters to special events. Having a reception in a cruise ship is not so typical because of the thought of its price tag will be a bit too much for the budget.

For weddings, it is a satisfying experience to have if you know that your guests were able to enjoy it all throughout the event. And cruising along the bay area is one of the best ways to achieve it because it gives everyone the pleasure to connect with nature, and be away from the stress in the city. On top of that, guests are able to be in one place, and be able to socialize with others more easily.

You can even book another cruise for your honeymoon where you can enjoy the amenities such as the live entertainment, the romantic panoramic view of the ocean, and even play for a casino cruise singapore, and other loads of activities that will make everything worthwhile.

The beach

Holding a wedding at the beach is sought at for a variety of reasons, and chances are you end up having a reception at the resort, which is the usual spot for such kind of wedding. Stray away from it, and have the reception at the beach itself.

You can turn this chill reception spot into an elegant one by styling it up with a white-on-white setup. This just makes everything cozy for everyone, especially when it is a pillow-seating style reception. If the reception is close to dinner time, then shimmer it with candles and lights to make it more intimate and relaxing.

Receptions are that one place where everyone can just socialize, get to know more about the bride and groom, and just have a great time at the wedding.  It is where families and guests are able to celebrate the bond between two people, and have that memory that will last a lifetime.

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