Signs That You Are Ready To Get Married

Getting married may seem like a fantasy, with the beautiful white gown, flowers and lights everywhere; however, that is just the wedding. The part after that is the scary part. Getting married is a huge commitment since it affects everyone and everything around you; your families, friends, career etc. So you need ask yourself if you are really ready to take such a big step in your life. If you are undecided, here are some of the factors you might like to consider.

  1. You won’t need to look anymore

The feeling of ‘the one’ is said to actually happen to people who have fallen head over heels in love and can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. So if you feel the same, you are probably with your ideal match. if you have been in an out of relationships often, it may mean that you are finding it hard to commit and always had the thought that your ‘the one’ is out there somewhere and hence you never found it hard to move on. This feeling will stop when you find someone you dearly love. You will realize that you don’t need to look for anyone else and he or she is the one you would like to live with forever.

  1. You feel mature

With time, you will learn to talk to each other, communicate well and solve problems like adults. You will let go of all the silly tantrums you threw for the pettiest issue and learn to act maturely. It is vital that you both understand each other’s differences and be able to move forward with them. Do not try to change the other; rather change yourself for the better and your partner will automatically change too. Each one of you needs to take the high road at times, and give in to the other for the sake of the relationship. If you feel like you cannot cope with some of the differences, it is completely okay to meet a pre marriage counselling Singapore expert to get advice.

  1. You will feel secure

Security is one of our most primary needs of us. The moment you feel safe and comfortable with someone, you tend to spend more time with them. Jealousy is a feeling that usually arises when security is not present. You might feel that they may like someone else or feel insecure as soon as they build a friendship with the opposite gender. If your partner assures you that you are the only person in his life and make you feel special, then you know you are ready to get married.



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