The Best Wedding Souvenirs

A wedding is a ceremony for two particular persons who are bonded by love, trust, and especially by God. In every wedding, it is personalized by every couple’s identity from a princess type to a hardcore wedding, in some cases, they choose to hold a common style of a wedding but still put in some different base on its personality. That is also why all wedding souvenirs depend on its budget, personality, and the overall theme. 

Souvenirs are something to be kept by the guests as a reminder of a special event, place, and a person it is also considered as a memento and during the 90’s two swans facing each other forming a heart and is the most common souvenir that becomes a cliché item but today souvenirs are usually useful and practical below are some of the examples of this type of souvenirs.

•    Chocolate bars attract your guests with some chocolates with a personalize packaging with your names and possible quotations, connected to the couples sweetness and love story.

•    Green giveaways especially succulents a gorgeous addition to anyone’s home that does not need too much time and attention. It is considered to be an affordable and chic souvenir.

•    Cookies and cupcakes could be a cheap souvenir however it won’t last a lifetime since it is edible.

•    Magic Mugs if you would like to give away with a surprise the magic is for you. Putting in some hot water will change the mugs color that would pop out a certain message the couple could say to their guests.

•    A Slipper is one of the most famous souvenirs for beach receptions or a wedding with a dance party. All guests could have a pair of slippers to be used during the reception and a take-home us a souvenir.

•    Personalized photo with the groom and bride the best example of this kind of souvenir is the photobooth in singaporeand other countries.

•    Tote Bag with a personal message, since environmental friendly is considered now a tote bag may be used by the guests in their daily life as a replacement to plastics. It is affordable, beautiful, useful and long-lasting.

•    Wines are usually used for the principal sponsors easy to prepare and enjoyed by sponsors, but in some cases, they would like to add some personality to the bottle by putting in stickers with a simple message of appreciations.

All examples above are only some of the possible souvenirs used nowadays but it is not limited. The most important thing is to do research and make your own personal gift.

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