Things That Could Go Wrong In an Event

Planning an event is no easy task, considering the amount of details you need to pay attention to. It gets even worse when things don’t go as planned. If you are planning an event and already stressed out, wait till the actual day of the event. Your life may turn into a nightmare within minutes if you aren’t ready for some challenges. Hence you need to ensure you have contingency plans for anything and everything that could go wrong. So here are some of them so that you can take necessary precautions.

  1. Dropouts

Your keynote speaker, the band, food catering services Singapore or the decorator could drop out. They may arrive late, get ill or just cancel at the last minute. This means you’ll have an empty undercoated room full of guests just staring at each other or with no food. You need to ensure you add a clause on informing absence at least 24 hours prior to the event and always keep a backup person who is within reach at short notice. It might cost you a bit more money but still it is better than the embarrassment. Sometimes, the guests itself will not turn up. This could be worse than the vendors or keynote speaker not turning up. Usually, buying tickets will create an obligation to attend and you will be able to get a count of guests. If it is a free event, this will be a bit more difficult so better tickets at a minimal rate even.

  1. Technology failure

Your event will look unprofessional if the microphone won’t work or the presentation video won’t play. Hence, firstly you need to sign a quality sound manager. Next, ask them to run a trial the day before the event. Ask your keynote speakers to send in the presentation a few days before so that you can play them and check if it supports the media devices. Also make arrangements as per his requirements; he might need to walk around so a wireless microphone will be needed.

  1. Unexpected weather

This will majorly affect you if you are holding an outdoor event. It is vital that you arrange for a backup indoor location so that if there are unexpected showers, you could shift the event. If shifting is impossible, such as a concert or show, arrange for waterproof covers for equipment and use waterproof seating such as plastic chairs rather than cushions. Keep some umbrellas or marques ready for the guests even if it may create an extra expense. Inform your crew on how to handle such a situation.

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