Tips on planning a party for your boss

Now we all want to be in  good terms with our boss  whether we like them or not. If your boss doesn’t like you then your life at office can get difficult. Moreover if he/she really likes you then you will have a good leader who will encourage you and guide you to do your best. If you want to plan a party for your boss for his/her special day then here are few tips which might help you.

Find out their likes/dislikes

This is something we have to do when planning something for anyone regardless of whether that person is our boss or not. Different people have different taste so the last thing you would want to do is surprise your boss by doing something he hates. Usually such parties are planned by group of employees so you could ask the person who is close to the boss about their likes or dislikes. This person could be a personal secretary or even their spouse. Do not neglect this segment because you don’t want to embarrass or make your boss angry, that will make you risk your job!

Choose the right place

If you plan on keeping the party at the office, then make sure your boss doesn’t come before decorating or during the decoration process as this will spoil the whole plan. If your boss is around the whole time then you could do it at their house. However, in this case too get the permission of their family member because some people don’t like their staff coming to their house.

Gifts and food items

Usually employees pool in cash and get something together instead of buying individual gift for their boss. You could give something formal if he/she has maintained a cordial relationship with the staff so look for  corporate gift ideas on Google to help you.  For food all the employees could pool in and have a mini office kitty with party food items such as sandwiches, mini pizza and if you are in low budget you could skip the dessert and directly arrange a birthday cake. The birthday cake could be customized; ideally it should be based on something which represents your boss’s lifestyle. Just for the courtesy you should invite the family members of the boss and they might help you to sort out the cake as well.

Lastly you should choose a day where there is less work or make sure that yourll finish all the work before the party. Office parties are great way to socialize with your seniors and get into their good books so make the most out of it.

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